Community Radio Inclusion Support Project (CRISP)

Resources for community radio to better include people with a disability, because everyone can do community radio!

Argh! My website is invisible!

So you've made a kickass website for your radio show, podcast or station.  It does everything you want it to do.  But did you know that to some of your users your website could be invisible?  To others, your website... Continue Reading →


Making documents accessible:

In my work as an advocate for PWD in community radio, I have heard many times from vision impaired and blind producers the need for documentation to be compatible with screenreaders. The Roundtable on Information Access for PWD provides some great... Continue Reading →

Want to assess your orgs diversity? Equal Reality has made this free template survey

Take a look at this lovely visualisation by Equal Reality of the diversity of their workforce: You can do an analysis of your own organisation using their template at the bottom of the linked page. Find out how diverse... Continue Reading →

Universal Design for Learning: making learning accessible to everyone

Sometimes learning and teaching community radio can involve lots of text heavy reading materials (codes, rules and regulations, processes at the station).  For people with reading issues, who have a learning disability or are just out of practice, this can... Continue Reading →

How to write and report about disability: PWDA

"Your choice of language has an impact on the way people with disability feel and are perceived in society. It is important that you are aware of the meaning behind the words you use when talking to, referring to or... Continue Reading →

4ZZZ talks about how they are working towards better inclusion of PWD

Watch the video here:

CMTO seeking accessibility resources

The national community radio training provider, the Community Media Training Organisation, is seeking resources to help their trainers better include people with diverse needs. Check out their page here:

Talking about disability the right way

In March 2018 Carly Findlay, appearance activist, was interviewed by veteran ABC presenter Jon Faine.  Faine, (whether out of nervousness, not knowing what to say,  or genuine beleif he was being funny) made some poor jokes referring to her appearance... Continue Reading →

Chrome Vox extension for website development with screen reader accessibility

For sighted developers it's hard to know how a screen reader will read your websites.  Chrome Vox can help you test your pages while you are making them, without having to install a resrouce-hungry reader like JAWS Go to the... Continue Reading →

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